Property Pal Interactive Cloud

Property Pal Interactive Cloud is a suite of online tools that can save your property managers time and energy. Its integration with the Property Pal app for iPhone® and iPad® allows for easy storage and retrieval of move-in/out inspections performed on any of your company's compatible mobile devices, as well as signed reports, and even inspection templates. Once your inspections are stored on the interactive cloud, the possibilities open up! We offer multiple subscription levels to best meet your needs, whether you manage a few properties, or a few thousand.

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Note: To make use of Property Pal Interactive Cloud's features, the Property Pal app for iPhone® and iPad® (sold separately) is required.

So much more than just storage

Uploading your inspections to Property Pal Interactive Cloud is just the beginning. Our cloud subscribers have access to several tools designed specifically with property management efficiency in mind:

Key features

  • Store inspections, reports, and inspection templates. Easily share them between mobile devices.
  • Search your properties to view uploaded inspections.
  • Save time by preparing inspections on the interactive cloud using your desktop or laptop computer ahead of time. You can type out addresses, resident information, and room layouts using a real keyboard, then download it to your device in a matter of seconds.
  • Create custom reports that draw from every inspection you've uploaded. Need to find out which properties need repainting, or have appliances that need repair? With Property Pal Interactive Cloud, a complete list can be generated for you with a few clicks.
  • Large Companies: View and manage the clouds for all of your communities from one place. Each community will see only the inspections they need, while you have access to everything.